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YUVA Entrepreneurship, Startup Dialogue 2022

YUVA Entrepreneurship

YUVA Entrepreneurship Program is a unique program where young minds/student communities are nurtured on entrepreneurial abilities like behavioural & mindset, leading to the required startup talent and creation of student startups, it also focuses on fostering the entrepreneurial ecosystem among all Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)

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EDGE, Startup Dialogue 2022

EDGE Program

provides first-generation entrepreneurs with the opportunity to test, validate and continuously improve on their business ideas. This 12-week intensive program is focussed on customer discovery where entrepreneurs are expected to interact with their customers, gain insights, and keep pivoting and iterating their ideas.

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INCUBATION, Startup Dialogue 2022


The Incubation program provides focused approach in building abilities of Founders, enabling them to achieve milestones from stage to stage by receiving timely advice, market penetration support, funding connects and access to infrastructure.

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NIDHI Accelerator, Startup Dialogue 2022

NIDHI Accelerator

NIDHI Accelerator Program is an intensive programme that assist early revenue stage startups to attain their full potential by enabling them to be market ready, have a growth plan and funding ready with an opportunity for considerable business growth in a short time.

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