• Developthon 2018 Deshpande Foundation India Startup Dialogue 2018 Sandbox Startups


Developthon is a 24 Hrs Hackathon which intends to find Technological Solutions for Social Problems. We believe the technology has the power to spark positive vibes among our communities. We bring together students / professionals and individuals from all backgrounds to bridge the gap between technology and innovation, with a belief to inspire individuals to build creative tools that can be used to tackle biggest issues. Our community welcomes everyone, including all levels of programming skills. We encourage all students/professionals to join, as there will be mentors to help and teach you about new technologies.

Matchmaking and Concierge

If you need help in forming a team or finding one to join, I am here to help. I’ll be at the Hackathon desk in the commons area front of Town Hall starting Friday evening and during most of the conference, and I will help you find the people you need.

As the teams emerge and everyone has found a place, I will also be acting as concierge to help you find solutions to problems that you encounter. Need someone who knows spherical trigonometry to make your app work? Let me help you find them.

Why You Should Come !!

The 24Hrs at Sandbox is where the best developers come together to play, hack and ship. But they aren’t the only reason why we come to this event. We come because we love it. Everybody else comes for the same reason. The way that we work together is what creates a special experience and the relationships that come out of it are truly valuable.

  • Meet & Network with individuals from different domains
  • Networking opportunity with 200+ Startup founders.
  • Get mentored by domain experts
  • Chance to get hired by High Growth Startups
  • Practical Exposure to corporate level coding.
  • Real time Experience of building the complete platform within 24hrs.
  • Winners will get a chance to Visit Tech Companies.
  • Win Exciting Goodies.